James Layfield

James Layfield

Founder, Central Working

James Layfield, a self-described serial entrepreneur and innovation catalyst, is the Founder of Central Working. The business provides SMEs with co-working space and access to expert support to grow into the business leaders of tomorrow.

James launched Central Working in 2011 as an answer to the question that faces many businesses in their early days as they look for a base: why sign a lease for three years when you don’t know how big or small the business will be? Evidently, it was a question worth answering.  Central Working has since opened five London locations and branches in Cambridge, Manchester and the US, South Africa and India.

James says the secret to the business’s success is in building a positive community.

You spend most of your time in your office, so we created a workplace that provides a real and supportive community. It isn’t random, and is made up of people that really want to look after you and care for you, making you want to come into work each day.”

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