James Capel

James Capel

CEO and Founder, Simply Waste Solutions

Launched in 2006 with a tight-knit team led by founder James Capel, Simply Waste Solutions has grown to be one of the UK’s largest independently-owned waste management companies. It now employs 200 people and helps organisations reduce costs, increase recycling and minimise carbon emissions. It currently manages over 100,000 tonnes of residual waste and material destined for recycling each year.

James says recognition for the company’s success has been incredibly rewarding. “There have been many proud milestones, but one of the best was being included in the ‘Top 1000 Companies to Inspire Europe 2017’. To know we are viewed as an inspirational company is a huge motivator.”

Alongside commercial success, James stresses the importance of giving back: “Raising almost £30,000 for our nominated charity – Shooting Star Chase Children’s Hospice – at our 10-year anniversary ball, which included a sponsored bike ride to Belgium, was another amazing achievement.”

When asked what he thinks a vibrant economy stands for, he says, “For our country to really thrive, there needs to be the opportunity for ordinary people to progress, create wealth and create meaningful employment, giving people the confidence to succeed.”

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There sure is a lot of 'on the job' learning when you start a business. You have to be very resilient and that is not something that you can really train yourself for.
James Capel
CEO and Founder, Simply Waste Solutions

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