Hannah Rees and Cherie White

Hannah Rees and Cherie White

Directors, Think For The Future

Cherie White came up with the idea of Think for The Future while working at a prison in Nottingham as part of a university placement. She heard first-hand the obstacles and difficulties inmates faced finding employment and re-integrating into society when they left prison behind.

Together with Hannah Rees, she set out to stop people – in particular young people – from ending up in prison in the first place. With Think For The Future, the duo are reducing the number of young people becoming involved in crime by providing educational opportunities with a difference.

Ex-offenders act as mentors to vulnerable young people, and work alongside Think For The Future’s schools, teachers and community projects to provide and deliver innovative solutions to tackle the barriers to young people’s success. They do this by addressing the pastoral and behavioural problems that typically prevent participants from reaching their full potential.

“At our core, our philosophy is to enable and empower young people to thrive, rather than to simply survive,” they say.

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Hannah Rees and Cherie White
Directors, Think For The Future

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