Guy Mucklow

Guy Mucklow

PCA Predict

Guy-Mucklow-headshot-YB-.PROFILEjpgFor Guy Mucklow, good business is all about giving people something to believe in: “If your staff and customers believe in the same vision then it is amazing the passion and commitment you will get from them.”

PCA Predict is a checkout optimisation and data-cleansing specialist, which attributes its success in the customer journey business to its innovative approach to address management. This innovation, which Guy describes as being at the core of everything that PCA Predict does, delivers a checkout service to businesses that increases online conversion rates and boosts efficiency.

Fuelled by dissatisfaction with the current state of things, Guy and his team have built an internationally recognised web brand by taking control and shaping their own future. PCA Predict is able to create and strengthen positive relationships at transaction because they “firmly believe in leading by example and in setting the same high standards in our business values which we live by in our personal lives”.

It is just one part of the co-founder’s wider belief that business has and should play a wider role in giving back to the wider community, whether that is through education or financial support to worthwhile causes.

In a world increasingly dictated by what we can achieve online, and at what speed we achieve it, PCA Predict is facilitating a journey that we can all get on board with.

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