Councillor Geoff Gollop OBE

Councillor Geoff Gollop OBE

Bristol City Council


Geoff Gollop believes in a vibrant future for Bristol. As former deputy mayor, he played a major role in ensuring the council was streamlined, balanced and a champion for the community.

“Like all major cities”, says Geoff, “the city council has had to maintain services for those most in need whilst also facing significant reductions in its funding.” To meet strict demands for efficiency but also maintain frontline services, the council significantly reduced the number of buildings it operated from and implemented changes to its back office structure.

As the member responsible for business change and budget, Geoff was responsible for delivering a balanced budget for the city. The strength of the budget meant the city was able to start its own energy and waste company. The twofold aim of the setup is to generate an income for the council and simultaneously alleviate fuel poverty. “There is a very clear ethical aim to this”, says Geoff, “profit with a purpose.”

The council’s work is linked with a mayoral vision to develop Bristol’s credentials as a ‘green city’ – even before it achieved European Green capital status in 2015, the city had the largest partnership of low carbon businesses in the UK.

For Geoff, “It is vital that the benefits of a vibrant economy reach those who are least able to share in it, they are the ones with the potential to deliver the most sustainable and inclusive economic growth for the future.”

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