Ed Salt

Ed Salt

Managing Director, Delamere Dairy

One in five of England’s farms have closed in the last 11 years – yet Delamere Dairy is proving that a speciality product can see you buck this trend. The goat’s milk specialist has a multi-million pound turnover and a booming business since its expansion into Hong Kong in 2011.

Ed Salt is managing director of the dairy and says commercial strategies are there to be tweaked. “We are now a business that produces to meet market demand not capacity – changing our previous supply strategy was key.”

Aside from hard-nosed business objectives, Ed leads on Delamere’s strict adherence to animal welfare. “We operate a strict, independently monitored Farm Assurance and Welfare Code, meaning our goats’ milk comes from happy, healthy animals,” adding, “We also place extreme importance on responsible, recyclable packaging.”

Unsurprisingly, he has become a sought-after figure for Far East trading advice, and was appointed to the China-Britain Business Council board in early 2018.

Despite the recent success, he warns against complacency and says businesses should always be looking to break new ground. “Business has to acknowledge social change as well as material,” he says. “In order to excel in today’s economy, we have to be receptive and embrace the opportunities the future will deliver.”

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In some respects I am almost glad I learned through the School of Hard Knocks, but on some occasions I wished I had asked for advice sooner.
Ed Salt
Managing Director, Delamere Dairy

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