Dr Jane Collins

Dr Jane Collins

Chief Executive, Marie Curie

Inspired by scientist Marie Curie’s pioneering research on radioactivity, the eponymous charity has worked for the last 70 years to support people living initially with cancer and, more recently, with any with terminal illness. “Our focus is on the people in need of the care,” explains Chief Executive Dr Jane Collins. “We want to deliver our support and services as effectively as possible.”

Since launching its first national campaign ‘Supporting the choice to die at home’ in 2004, Marie Curie has helped to put end-of-life care on the political agenda. It has also grown into one of the leading funders and researchers into palliative care research – supporting research teams at UCL, Liverpool University and Cardiff University.

Jane cites her biggest achievement as clarifying how broad the support on offer from the charity is. “When we changed from Marie Curie Cancer Care to Marie Curie, we made it clear that we care for any people regardless of their underlying condition.”

She adds, “Our people are incredibly committed to the charity’s purpose and proud to work for Marie Curie as a result. Harnessing that good will and passion means staff and volunteers are always looking for ways to do more.”

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