Dr David J Hardman MBE

Dr David J Hardman MBE

Innovation Birmingham

Dr-David-Hardman-headshot-CSP-PROFILEThe past holds the key to a more vibrant future, says Dr David Hardman. The CEO of Innovation Birmingham wants UK businesses to take inspiration from history to build a better today.

David moved to Birmingham in 2008 to develop and implement a strategy that would build on the legacy of the third oldest science park in the UK. During the last eight years, he has done just that by transforming Aston Science Park into Innovation Birmingham, a focal point for the city’s digital innovators and entrepreneurs.

“Business incubation offerings are aimed at helping people deliver their commercial aspirations and deliver new products and services, and help create new high-growth businesses that support Birmingham’s knowledge economy,” he says.

David’s career focus has always been on taking leading research and finding ways to apply it commercially for maximum benefit. But he is most proud of Innovation Birmingham, which has been heralded “a model for the next generation of science parks”.

A vibrant economy will be developed by businesses that take a pro-active interest in the world around them. “Real success has been seen when businesses exhibit what is in effect a form of self-interested altruism,” he observes.

“By that, I mean businesses support society and as a consequence become stronger because the environments in which they work can more effectively support their businesses.”

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