David Evans MBE

David Evans MBE

Serial entrepreneur David Evans is investing his time, expertise and resources into creating services that make people’s lives better, particularly with regards to children’s education and life-skills. It’s not an entirely new concept for the businessman, who sold multi-national employee and customer engagement solutions company The Grass Roots Group for £90 million in 2016.

The results of his passions are seen through a group named Future Proof Enterprises. This brand has Matilda’s Planet for energy saving issues; Airtopia, which pioneers the critical actions needed for indoor air quality; Headway to provide families to help with primary school teaching; and most recently Fundstar, a cost-free method for schools to raise money for capital projects.

Any entrepreneurial surplus from these ventures is handed over to David’s foundation, which channels the funds into educational needs for those under the age of 19.

He is also responsible for pioneering work on disability awareness, diversity in the workplace and childcare provision. In 2008 he was made an MBE for his services to corporate social responsibility.

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If you can do something in return for the community in which you work, you'll get more respect for your company.
David Evans MBE

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