David Maclean

Packt Publishing

Even those on the front line of innovation get their information from the most tried and tested methods.

“The best thing about being a developer today is the relentless stream of new tools and technologies. The hardest part of being a developer today is coping with this tsunami”, says David Maclean, CEO of Packt Publishing. Packt provides books, ebooks and video tutorials for IT developers and users. It gives high royalty rates to professional developers who share their knowledge and the opportunity to write on speciality topics that standard publishers tend to avoid.

Founded in 2004 in Birmingham, Packt Publishing has published more than 3,500 books and videos. Its mission is to help the world put software to work in new ways, through the delivery of effective learning services.

David is leading a business that is helping to democratise the learning space around IT; gives new coders and developers the chance to learn the trade and sets them on track to make the next big technology breakthrough.

Packt invests time and resources in helping to build the global tech eco-system, and likewise the local eco-system in our home locations in Birmingham and Mumbai. It runs and sponsors local tech events and offers an open door to local tech start-ups for discussion, partnership and shared learning.

It is also a co-founder and supporter of LoveBrum, an innovative charity engagement membership organisation and platform that connects members to local grass roots volunteer led causes.

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