Clive Tritton

Clive Tritton


Clive-Tritton-headshot-MVK-PROFILEBorn in Hackney in 1998, Renaisi has since expanded across London and the South East with a mission to help people and places thrive.

CEO Clive Tritton has been with Renaisi since its inception, and has dedicated the last two decades of his professional career to “running a social enterprise that is geared towards bridging the gap between the opportunities created by the economy and those most excluded from accessing them.”

This central theme characterises Renaisi’s range of services. It advises local government on how to create local economic growth; empowers resident-led regeneration programmes; helps families who are excluded from mainstream services to access opportunities; supports people who are long-term unemployed into sustainable jobs; and helps non-profit organisations to understand and enhance their impact.

Clive measures Renaisi’s success differently to convention: “Like all businesses we have to remain viable and sustainable and we want to grow, but over and above that we judge our success mostly by our impact, learning and influence.”

Clive believes businesses cannot think of themselves as entities in their own right. “They are microcosms of society, composed of a cross section of people – each motivated by different values and ideals,” he argues.

As such, they have to invest in areas other than traditional growth, he says: “Whether that’s more motivated staff, higher productivity, less turnover, a stronger brand or more satisfied customers etc. In short, failing to think about more than just strict financial growth is bad for business!”

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