Chris Thewlis

Chris Thewlis

Founder, GTS Group

“Never let anyone tell you something can’t be done,” says Chris Thewlis, founder and CEO of GTS Group.

Chris put this philosophy to the test when he launched GTS, the UK’s only social enterprise operating in private security, in 2012.

GTS protects the past as a provider to Historic Environment Scotland’s estate including Edinburgh Castle, the present as a partner to 10 local authorities in the UK and the future as the security supplier of choice for the University of Glasgow’s regeneration project.

Its training division runs one of the most successful employability programmes in the UK with a 97% retention rate and a 93% outcome rate for sustained employment.

Having doubled its turnover in the last year, GTS operates within the top five per cent of UK social enterprises for turnover, income from trade and impact delivery and has won contracts to deliver services for the next seven years.

“By securing the past and present we are able to protect the future through reinvestment of profits into education with employment,” says Chris, who’s involved in social enterprise hospitality company Beer for Good CIC, and Ginerosity, the world’s first social enterprise gin.

He is also a board member of Social Enterprise Scotland.

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Chris Thewlis
Founder, GTS Group

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