Catherine Johnstone CBE

Catherine Johnstone CBE

CEO, Royal Voluntary Service

Over its 80-year history, Royal Voluntary Service has connected more than three million volunteers to people and projects in response to some of society’s biggest challenges. Set up originally in 1938, the organisation has spent decades supporting some of the most vulnerable people in their communities.

Catherine Johnstone CBE was appointed CEO in 2017 and over the next ten years will be on a mission to inspire people to give the gift of their time to tackle two needs of our day; supporting the NHS and helping people as they age to live happy and healthy lives.

Stepping forward to support the dedicated professionals across the NHS, the charity will be seeking to embed volunteering in the heart of hospitals to ease pressure on nursing staff.  In the community its volunteers will continue to help people with anything from a traditional lunch club to a paddle boarding lesson.

With 22 years as charity CEO experience, Catherine was chief executive of the Samaritans and the interim chief executive of Migrant Help: “I have always chosen to work with organisations that involve volunteers and, as such, create capacity to deliver front line services to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.”

Her biggest inspiration? “I love knowing that the work of Royal Voluntary Service’s volunteers makes a real impact. Seeing positive change to people’s lives is incredibly empowering, and I have never been more certain about the important role that charities play within our society.”

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No matter how many systems and procedures you put in place, it is humanity that makes the biggest difference to us all. People are what makes our world work.
Catherine Johnstone CBE
CEO, Royal Voluntary Service

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