Cally Russell

Cally Russell


cally-russell-profile2Open the app and choose what’s hot with a flick of your finger.

This isn’t modern dating – it’s modern shopping. Mallzee lets you shop from hundreds of top fashion brands in one app. Founded by Cally Russell in 2013, it has since attracted investment from Royal Mail and even swiped left to an offer from made on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den.

“The work we’ve done with Mallzee has always been focused on trying new things and committing ourselves to customer experience. We learn quickly and then try again,” Cally says. “This approach has allowed us to grow to be the UK’s biggest shopping aggregator in the last six months, coming second only to Amazon in the run up to Christmas.”

Mallzee is committed to working with, and not against, other young start-ups: “We might only be a couple of years into our journey, but we should be willing to share the mistakes and lessons we’ve had along the way,” he believes.

Sticking with this vision, Mallzee’s senior partners take part in networking and advisory chats with local start-ups, as well as arrange regular dinners where companies at a similar stage freely share advice.

For Cally, a business that takes a bigger societal role is setting itself up for bigger commercial success: “With the correct mindset and by caring about social issues, not just business problems, we can create a company where everyone can flourish. ”

He adds: “If you sit and just focus on growing what you’ve got and not what’s around you in society then you can only grow so far.”

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