Bill Holroyd

Bill Holroyd

Founder, OnSide Youth Zones

Angel investor and entrepreneur Bill Holroyd launched OnSide Youth Zones in 2008 to give young people quality, safe and affordable places to spend their leisure time. This modern network of youth centres provides people aged 8–19 years old (25 for those with a disability) somewhere to go and socialise with others and learn new skills.

Youth Zones exist for young people in deprived areas – such as Barking and Dagenham, Barnet and Blackburn – where their alternative might be spending evenings on the streets or isolated in bedrooms. Bill launched the network after he was invited to join the board of Bolton Lads and Girls Club and saw first-hand the importance of the Club to the local community.

Bill draws on lessons learned from an impressive business career; his food service distribution company once served over 7000 restaurants in the UK. Bill ensures efficiency across the OnSide network and leverages funds from the public and private sectors, keeping user costs to a minimum.

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