Bertie Millis & Samantha Kingston

Virtual Umbrella

Since opening up in March 2015, Virtual Umbrella has established itself as the world’s first marketing agency for virtual reality companies and brands.

The nature of Virtual Umbrella means managing director Bertie Millis and client director Samantha Kingston are constantly trying new things. “We work in a fast-paced and innovative industry that has allowed us to work in a variety of sectors, including education, healthcare, engineering and more,” says Samantha. Importantly, this isn’t a game, “VR is allowing us to help create incredible content that will benefit working life for many, including professional training programmes and advancing education techniques,” adds Bertie.

Away from Virtual Umbrella, Bertie writes for Infinity Leap, a worldwide platform that serves to realise a future world where augmented reality, virtual reality, wearables and the Internet of Things are commonplace. Samantha is the co-founder of VRGirlsUK, a platform for talent in the VR industry, and writes for Gadgette, an online magazine about gadgets and gaming.

“As entrepreneurs, our whole life is dedicated to our business,” says Samantha. “We aim to make our business the best possible version of ourselves, giving back to the community where we can and providing opportunities to the less fortunate.” For them both, this comes down to business playing a bigger role in society and thereby “providing new avenues and opportunities to those who are less fortunate and, thus, creating a better life for everyone”.

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