Bea Appleby

The Female Lead

Editor, scriptwriter and feminist Bea Appleby wants to make women’s stories more visible, and provide positive role models for future generations.

She is the editor of The Female Lead, a non-profit project that celebrates women’s achievements, endeavours and diversity. Founded by data science entrepreneur, Edwina Dunn, it works on three platforms: the website, a book of remarkable women to be launched early next year and an outreach programme targeted at young women.

Through workshops in schools, colleges and youth organisations, The Female Lead speaks directly to young women about confidence, ambition and alternative role models to those ever-present in popular culture.

In 2015, The Female Lead carried out research that found some 92% of the top 200 most-followed women across social media fell into just five professions – all of which were in showbusiness and celebrity.

Bea wants to disrupt the modern media representation of women and focus on achievements so the organisation’s focus is very much on positivity and showcasing powerful stories about women doing great things.

In June 2016 she published ‘What is Feminism? Why Do We Need It? And Other Big Questions’.

Bea was formerly the editor of Girl Talk – the UK’s oldest publication for girls aged seven to 12. She is known for putting feminism on the magazine’s editorial agenda and launching the award-winning #GirlsAreAmazing campaign.

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