Anthony Fletcher

Anthony Fletcher


Anthony-Fletcher-headshot-YB-PROFILEKnown for snack boxes that conveniently pop through the letterbox and having recently expanded to include general retail, graze is revolutionising our snacking habits.

Anthony Fletcher was working for a famous drinks brand when he first got his hands on a beta prototype of a graze box: “I was so excited by the idea of how technology may affect the food business that I quit my job,” he says.

Beginning in its innovation team, he is now CEO of graze, and leads the snacking subscription service in their operations across the UK and the US. Anthony says it was the convergence of technology with FMCG that first attracted him to graze: “I saw so much potential in the convenience of delivery, the personalisation, new ways of building brands and data…and the ways you can create unique experiences.”

Novel applications of technology remain at the core of his vision for the company’s future success: “I think technology can fundamentally change food for the better. It’s a troubled industry, but I don’t think the food sector needs to be vilified. It needs to become more responsive, create better foods and build better brands.”

A strong adherent to the “meritocracy of reason” – the belief that reason should prevail over a rigid organisational structure – Anthony views a vibrant economy as one that “brings people together who have different skills, backgrounds and orientations, that’s when interesting stuff happens.”

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