Anj Handa

Anj Handa

Founder, Inspiring Women Changemakers

“Your voice is your power, let me help you be heard,” Anj Handa’s rallying cry could not be clearer. She is the founder of social impact movement Inspiring Women Changemakers, which helps women make a positive difference at work, in society and in the world.

Anj stepped onto the nation’s stage in 2014 when she led a campaign to grant asylum to Afusat Saliu and her daughters, who were at risk of forced female genital mutilation (FGM) in their home country. Her petition attracted more than 128,000 signatures, raised the issue of FGM in Parliament, and attracted the attention of MPs and influencers like Richard Branson.

“I learned that by gathering professional, motivated and well-connected women, in collaboration with others, that it’s possible to make an impact on the lives of others on a massive scale,” she explains.

Launched in 2016, Inspiring Women Changemakers teaches women the tools and techniques required to launch and sustain campaigns that make an impact. It does so by offering coaching, as well as workshops, residentials and longer-term assignments.

“You have to be true to your own values,” says Anj on what inspires her. “We work with trusted associates in a way that enables flexibility and the right expertise for our clients, and does not tie us in to business partnerships that dilute our aims.

“Most importantly, we advocate emotional correctness – you do not need to step over others to achieve success.”

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In order to truly reach those people I want to serve, I have to be true to myself; my own values, unique skills, style and creativity.
Anj Handa
Founder, Inspiring Women Changemakers

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