Anisa Haghdadi

Anisa Haghdadi

CEO and Founder, Beatfreeks Collective

Anisa Haghdadi is a social entrepreneur who is described as the matriarch of Beatfreeks Collective a collective of companies exploring the power of creativity based in the heart of Birmingham.

Founded in 2013, Beatfreeks is a movement of people and companies that started with a poetry night in a coffee shop. Anisa describes Beatfreeks’s mission as, “fuelling conversations and concepts that dare people to challenge the way of the world.”

The three organisations that make up the collective are Young Giant, a youth engagement agency for brands to harness the power of young people; Free Radical, an arts organisation engaging young art activists to develop their skills, confidence and workshops; and Doink, a ‘Do and Think Tank’ that looks to humanise data through creative experiences.

Anisa’s fierce passion for telling stories, building communities and inspiring action is at the forefront of Beatfreeks’s philosophy and work. Its latest project is a pioneering report into what young people in Birmingham think about themselves, each other and their city. Last year’s Brum Youth Trends was downloaded by over 500 organisations to make changes to policy and businesses to improve the lives of young people.

Since she set up her first social enterprise at the age of 15, Anisa has won countless awards for social enterprise, youth development and cultural leadership. In 2014 she received the British Empire Medal for Services to Education and Young People, was awarded a doctorate from Aston Universe in 2016 and in 2017 Anisa was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Europe.

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I'd tell my younger self that it's ok to not have all the answers. Part of the fun is discovering how to ask better questions anyway.
Anisa Haghdadi
CEO and Founder, Beatfreeks Collective

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