Amy Peake

Amy Peake

Loving Humanity

Amy-Peake-headshot-OA-PROFILE“Love is love” and all too often businesses lose sight of that, says Amy Peake.

The former pilates teacher started Loving Humanity as a way to supply machines that manufacture sanitary pads to help Syrian women and girl refugees. It has since expanded this vision and is now aiming to set up and run a fully functioning factory inside Zaatari refugee camp, Jordan.

It was a photo of refugees queuing for food in Damascus, Syria that spurred Amy into action, “I thought, what if I were there? How would I cope with no food, no water, no shelter, no access to medicine?… How would I deal with all of this – and then on top have my period with no sanitary towels?”

The focus on sanitary towels has since spread to the issue of incontinence, something that affects the elderly and disabled, as well as 75 per cent of the children who wet the bed as a result of the trauma of war.

Amy describes navigating the world of international agencies and finding ways to help refugees in the camps as “extremely fulfilling, exciting, very upsetting, challenging, frustrating, humbling, exhausting at times, the best thing I have ever done bar have my own children.”

For Amy, business should empower people: “Teaching people to fish is the best way forward. Seeing women in India transform their lives, their sense of self and their physical and financial health is one of the most inspiring things that I have ever seen.”

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