Alexandra Soveral

Alexandra Soveral

Co-founder, Alexandra Soveral

The fast-growing organic beauty market is predicted to be worth $22 billion by 2024. Looking to make the most of this opportunity while developing unique products is Alexandra Soveral.

She is the founder of the namesake beauty brand, which offers a range of eco-friendly, natural products, including body oils, face masks, moisturisers and candles.

All are made with 100% natural ingredients: “I don’t think you can underestimate the importance of purpose,” says Alexandra, “Consumers want the best, most ethical ingredients, and that’s what we can provide.

To do just that, Alexandra gets stuck in. “I conduct my own research to find the perfect materials, to the point that I will often handpick them at the source myself.”

Her hunt for the perfect beauty treatments led her to pick up the pen and write Perfect Skin: Unlocking the Secrets, published in 2017. She describes the book as being about ‘common sense’, providing sensible beauty advice and reasons to buy natural products rather than artificial ones.

To further stand out in the field, Alexandra also offers a personalised service, allowing customers to combine their favourite scents with their favourite products. “There are so many well-established brands, but customers look for the experience, something which we provide with our bespoke offerings.”

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Never compromise on quality, even at the risk of losing it all.
Alexandra Soveral
Co-founder, Alexandra Soveral

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