Adam Hale

Adam Hale


Adam-Hale-headshot-PROFILEWith 30 years’ experience in the IT industry, Adam Hale’s dedication to tech has culminated in “building a great cloud business” at Fairsail, which provides human resources software for mid-sized organisations. Adam describes his tenure as CEO as the “hardest, scariest, most consuming and rewarding role of my career”.

Fairsail’s goal is “to enable mid-size, multinational companies to manage modern workforces”. Under Adam, the number of customers has tripled, which he attributes to Fairsail’s service: “Our customer success has enabled us to be market leaders,” he says.

Adam believes developing a distinct culture has been key to Fairsail’s growth. “One single image captures many of my feelings: the global Fairsail team at 2016 kick-off. We each wore a T-shirt, our employee number printed on the reverse, lined up in one long row, with Colin – our founder – at #1. Seeing the combined knowledge, dynamism, expertise and purpose gathered in that photo always makes me feel hugely honoured to be leading the Fairsail team.”

Alongside his role at Fairsail, Adam has worked with The Prince’s Trust since 2003 within the Technology Leadership Group. This experience has informed his view of a vibrant economy. He believes that it’s founded on the bonds within the community: “We are all part of the same ecosystem, and I believe it is the responsibility of people with jobs and with opportunities to help those without. Every young person deserves a chance. Those fortunate to have experience should always be prepared to give back and contribute to the development of the next generation.”

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