Faces 2017

App developers, brewers and charity heroes: just some of the Faces of a Vibrant Economy you can discover below. View their individual profiles to find out what inspires them, what scares them and what they would tell their younger selves.

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Anne Ackord - Brighton Pier Group PLC

Anne Ackord

CEO, Brighton Pier Group PLC

Debra Barber - Cardiff International Airport

Debra Barber

CEO, Cardiff International Airport

Brigette Bard - BioSure (UK)

Brigette Bard

CEO & Founder, BioSure (UK)

Chris Barker - Spirit Healthcare

Chris Barker

CEO, Spirit Healthcare

Dr Toby Basey-Fisher - Entia

Dr Toby Basey-Fisher

CEO, Entia

Graham Bates - LIV Group

Graham Bates

Founder and CEO, LIV Group

Steven Beard - Agilisys

Steven Beard

CEO, Agilisys

Stephen Beech - Beech Holdings

Stephen Beech

Business Owner, Beech Holdings

Edwin Bessant - Ceuta Group

Edwin Bessant

CEO, Ceuta Group

Roz Bird - MEPC Silverstone Park

Roz Bird

Commercial Director, MEPC Silverstone Park

Tom Blomfield - Monzo

Tom Blomfield

Founder, Monzo

Dave Broadway - CFH Docmail Ltd

Dave Broadway

Chairman, CFH Docmail Ltd

Professor Steven Broomhead - Warrington Borough Council

Professor Steven Broomhead

Chief Executive, Warrington Borough Council

Helen Broughton - Danbro

Helen Broughton

Managing Director, Danbro

Andrew Brown - Church Commissioners for England

Andrew Brown

CEO, Church Commissioners for England

Tugce Bulut - Streetbees

Tugce Bulut

Founder and CEO, Streetbees

Craig Burkinshaw - Audley Travel

Craig Burkinshaw

Co-Founder and Director, Audley Travel

Derek Carter - Portakabin

Derek Carter

CEO, Portakabin

Mark Cartwright - Cartwright Group

Mark Cartwright

Group Managing Director, Cartwright Group

Carl Cavers - Sumo Digital

Carl Cavers

CEO, Sumo Digital

William Chase - Chase Distillery

William Chase

Founder, Chase Distillery

Diane Cheesebrough - thebigword

Diane Cheesebrough

Deputy Chief Executive Officer, thebigword

Rachel Clacher - Moneypenny/WeMindTheGap

Rachel Clacher

Co-founder/Founder, Moneypenny/WeMindTheGap

Tony Clish - Park Holidays UK

Tony Clish

Commercial Director, Park Holidays UK

Kathryn Tyler & Nikki Cochrane - Digital Mums

Kathryn Tyler & Nikki Cochrane

CEOs and Co-Founders, Digital Mums

Dr Jane Collins - Marie Curie

Dr Jane Collins

Chief Executive, Marie Curie

Peter Brewin and William Crawford - Concrete Canvas

Peter Brewin and William Crawford

Co-Founders, Concrete Canvas

Kevin Crofton - SPTS Technologies/Orbotech

Kevin Crofton

President/Corporate VP, SPTS Technologies/Orbotech

Karen Curtin - Graven Hill Development Company

Karen Curtin

Managing Director, Graven Hill Development Company

Juliet Davenport - Good Energy

Juliet Davenport

CEO & Founder, Good Energy

Jeff Dewing - Cloudfm Group

Jeff Dewing

Founder and CEO, Cloudfm Group

Dr Darrin Disley - Horizon Discovery

Dr Darrin Disley

CEO, Horizon Discovery

Lord Paul Drayson - Drayson Technologies 

Lord Paul Drayson

Chairman & CEO, Drayson Technologies 

Sarah Dunning - The Westmorland Family

Sarah Dunning

Chairman, The Westmorland Family

Glenn Elliott - Reward Gateway

Glenn Elliott

Founder, Reward Gateway

Tim Emrich - UK Power Reserve

Tim Emrich

CEO, UK Power Reserve

William Fletcher - Recycling Lives

William Fletcher

Managing Director, Recycling Lives

Amardeep Gill - Trowers & Hamlins

Amardeep Gill

Partner, Trowers & Hamlins

Sarah Golding - CHI & Partners

Sarah Golding

CEO and Partner, CHI & Partners

Mark Goldring - Oxfam GB

Mark Goldring

Chief Executive, Oxfam GB

Ellen Green - Blue Badge Co

Ellen Green

CEO, Blue Badge Co

Hayden Wood and Amit Gudka - Bulb

Hayden Wood and Amit Gudka

Co-Founders, Bulb

Poonam Gupta OBE - PG Paper Company

Poonam Gupta OBE

CEO, PG Paper Company

Paul Halsey - Purity Brewing Co

Paul Halsey

Managing Director, Purity Brewing Co

Jamie Hartzell - Ethex and Serial Social Entrepreneur

Jamie Hartzell

Founder, Ethex and Serial Social Entrepreneur

Solomon Smith and Dr Mahamed Hashi - Brixton Soup Kitchen

Solomon Smith and Dr Mahamed Hashi

Founders, Brixton Soup Kitchen

Karime Hassan - Exeter City Council

Karime Hassan

Chief Executive & Growth Director, Exeter City Council

Jacyn Heavens - Epos Now

Jacyn Heavens

Founder and CEO, Epos Now

Bill Holroyd - OnSide Youth Zones

Bill Holroyd

Founder, OnSide Youth Zones

Chris Husbands - Sheffield Hallam University

Chris Husbands

Vice-Chancellor, Sheffield Hallam University

Joni Steiner & Nick Ierodiaconou - Opendesk  

Joni Steiner & Nick Ierodiaconou

Co-founders and Co-CEOs, Opendesk  

Jennie Johnson MBE - Kids Allowed

Jennie Johnson MBE

CEO, Kids Allowed

Nancy Johnston - Tengri

Nancy Johnston

CEO and Founder, Tengri

Dan Zastawny & Imandeep Kaur - Impact Hub Birmingham

Dan Zastawny & Imandeep Kaur

Co-founders, Impact Hub Birmingham

Eleanor Kelly - London Borough of Southwark Council

Eleanor Kelly

CEO, London Borough of Southwark Council

Martina King - Featurespace

Martina King

CEO, Featurespace

Sandra Kirkham - Progress to Excellence Group 

Sandra Kirkham

Group Managing Director, Progress to Excellence Group 

Bethany Koby - Tech Will Save Us

Bethany Koby

Founder and CEO, Tech Will Save Us

Claire Koryczan - Decoded

Claire Koryczan

Managing Partner, Decoded

Dr Nik Kotecha OBE - Morningside Pharmaceuticals  

Dr Nik Kotecha OBE

CEO , Morningside Pharmaceuticals  

Andrew Lane - Union Industries

Andrew Lane

Managing Director, Union Industries

James Layfield - Central Working

James Layfield

Founder, Central Working

Rita Liu - Alipay

Rita Liu

Head of Europe, Middle East & Africa, Alipay

Tom Lyons - Black Swan International

Tom Lyons

Managing Director, Black Swan International

Stephen Marsh - Ginmeister

Stephen Marsh

Founder and CEO, Ginmeister

Chris Martin - Waracle

Chris Martin

CEO, Waracle

Chris McDermott - Cambridge Weight Plan

Chris McDermott

Managing Director, Cambridge Weight Plan

Kieran Miles - KakeCo

Kieran Miles

Founder, KakeCo

Barry Mochan - Glasgow Together CIC

Barry Mochan

Chief Executive, Glasgow Together CIC

Philip Mordecai - Curzon

Philip Mordecai

Director of Digital Ventures, Curzon

Dame Helena Morrissey CBE - 30% Club

Dame Helena Morrissey CBE

Founder, 30% Club

Chris Oglesby - Bruntwood

Chris Oglesby

CEO, Bruntwood

Jack Parsons - Big Youth Project

Jack Parsons

Chief Executive, Big Youth Project

Catharina Paukner - Cambridge Nanosystems

Catharina Paukner

Chief Scientific Officer, Cambridge Nanosystems

Charlotte Pearce - Inkpact

Charlotte Pearce

CEO, Inkpact

Joshua Perry - Assembly

Joshua Perry

Director, Assembly

Wayne Preece - Hydro Industries

Wayne Preece

CEO, Hydro Industries

Dr Joe Rafferty - Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Joe Rafferty

Chief Executive, Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust

Nimisha Raja - Nim's Fruit & Veg Crisps

Nimisha Raja

Founder & CEO, Nim's Fruit & Veg Crisps

Charles Rapson - The School for Social Entrepreneurs in the Midlands

Charles Rapson

CEO, The School for Social Entrepreneurs in the Midlands

Glynn Robinson - BJSS

Glynn Robinson

Managing Director, BJSS

Joanna Robinson - Mansfield Pollard

Joanna Robinson

Managing Director, Mansfield Pollard

Gina Rowlands - Bevan Healthcare CIC  

Gina Rowlands

Managing Director, Bevan Healthcare CIC  

Scott Russell - Paddy & Scott’s

Scott Russell

Founder & CEO, Paddy & Scott’s

Kieron Salter - KW Special Projects Ltd

Kieron Salter

Managing Director, KW Special Projects Ltd

Daniel Shakhani and Asesh Sarkar - Salary Finance

Daniel Shakhani and Asesh Sarkar

Co-founders, Salary Finance

Sandra Schembri - The House of St Barnabas

Sandra Schembri

CEO, The House of St Barnabas

Morna Simpson - Girl Geek Scotland

Morna Simpson

Founder, Girl Geek Scotland

Lee Strafford  - Accelerated Digital Ventures

Lee Strafford 

Co-Founder & CEO, Accelerated Digital Ventures

Paul Sulyok - Green Man Gaming

Paul Sulyok

Founder and CEO, Green Man Gaming

Oliver Tress - Oliver Bonas

Oliver Tress

Founder and Managing Director, Oliver Bonas

Warren Troy - TROY

Warren Troy

Managing Director, TROY

Roger Wade - Boxpark

Roger Wade

CEO and Founder, Boxpark

Liz Warner - Comic Relief

Liz Warner

CEO, Comic Relief

Sharon Watson - Phoenix Dance Theatre

Sharon Watson

Artistic Director, Phoenix Dance Theatre

Bevis Watts - Triodos Bank UK

Bevis Watts

Managing Director, Triodos Bank UK

Brett Wigdortz OBE - Teach First

Brett Wigdortz OBE

Founder & Honorary President, Teach First

Jackie Wild - TSL Projects

Jackie Wild

CEO, TSL Projects

Kalpna Woolf - 91 Ways to Build A Global City

Kalpna Woolf

Founder and Creative Director, 91 Ways to Build A Global City

Chris Wright - Catch22

Chris Wright

Chief Executive, Catch22